10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Irish Market

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As a business person in the Irish market, you are probably aware of the fact that creating a successful online presence requires more than just a good-looking website.

With the release of the latest algorithm Penguin, so much weight has been put on social performance and natural link building. This drastic change means that businesses cannot ignore social media marketing and must make it a top priority and an important part of their online marketing.

As more and more social media platforms are being set up, many businesses are often unsure and confused of the best way to market using these platforms. Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching and engaging customers online. Social signals are increasingly becoming important in Google algorithm; therefore, you will want to use this powerful platforms in your local marketing.

In this post, we have covered useful social media marketing tips that will help you to market your business in Ireland:


1.      Include a Blog on Your Website

Whether you use your website for updates and news, expressing opinion about certain topics in the industry or sharing valuable information, you need to incorporate a blog in it. Blogs are important in social media marketing in the sense that they can help to populate social media accounts with useful content.


2.      Brand Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

You can brand many aspects of your timeline and Facebook page. From your Facebook App icons, to profile image to your cover photo, you need to use every little opportunity to differentiate and reinforce your brand.


3.      Offer Unique Products or Content on Your Facebook Fan Page

You also need to give your customers and prospective customers a reason as to why they should like or share your Facebook page. And the best way to achieve this is by offering exclusive products, specials or content on your Facebook page to achieve your social media marketing Ireland goal.


4.      Develop a Custom Facebook App for Your Business

You can get more out of Facebook by building a custom Facebook app for your business. Many businesses recognize that a custom Facebook app adds to their business. The Facebook app has limitless possibilities and it can help your business to add more functionality of the Facebook network and get better results


5.      Use Creative Infographics and Images

Social media marketing is all about getting the attention of the viewers, engaging them and taking advantage of their platforms through likes and shares. Infographics are beautiful visual displays of information using numbers, words and images. You will first want to try it out with one platform when you are new to social media marketing. From there, you can work your way into other social media channels as you find more comfort and time.

Infographics are able to communicate and pass a message across more effectively and much quicker than lengthy white papers and articles. As a matter of fact, infographics are among the best and most shared types of content, thus making them very important when it comes to social media marketing. When posting infographics and images, you also need to keep in mind the time when your followers are online. This is important in ensuring maximum views on your posts.


6.      Customize Your Business’s Twitter Page

Is your Twitter page a reflection of your company’s products, services, and brand? If your Twitter profile still has the default “look”, then you are doing your company and brand a disservice. It is important that you customize your Twitter background to a truly memorable Twitter fan page. This is a strategy that will is recommended by social media marketing companies Ireland.


7.      Use SEO Keywords in Your Business’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the best social media networks for connecting potential customers as well as nurturing existing business relationships. Although your contacts may easily find your business on LinkedIn, you need to use the correct keywords in LinkedIn profile as this makes it easier to search for specific industries.


8.      Optimize Your Website so that You can Share on Pinterest

Can Pinterest be used by everyone? Maybe or maybe not. However, chances are that there is the way your company can benefits on this social media platform. Using text along isn’t the best candidate for sharing on Pinterest. So, you will want to create engaging infograph and images and include the ability to share them easily on Pinterest.


9.      Encourage Your Social Media Fans to Share Your Content on their Profiles

You have managed to create useful content on your website, improved your SEO and are receiving more visitors to your website. Now what? In order to maximize your social media marketing, you need to encourage users to share your content on their profiles. Most importantly, you should make this easy for them. You will want to add Like, Pin It, Tweet This buttons, etc. where necessary to make it easier for users to become your brand ambassadors with just one click of a button. Most importantly, you should post more regularly and consistently as this is a good social media management Ireland strategy.


10.  Leverage Open Graph to Share Videos Rather than Just Images

When a Facebook user shares your product pages, a post is added to their Facebook timeline. Traditionally, the post will include an image, a title, and description, along with comments by the user. Now, instead of using images only, you can tell Facebook’s Open Graph to also include video. Videos add another level of engagement with your viewers and attract more eyes, thus increasing shares


As a business owner who is looking to establish a presence in the Irish online market, social media marketing may be overwhelming at times. There are many strategies and aspects to implement that a significant number of companies often find the process tedious and challenging. Unfortunately, many companies in Ireland wait until it is too late to understand that they are missing out on the importance of social media marketing as their competitors take advantage of this great opportunity to attract and engage new customers. If you don’t have the expertise and resources to implement the right social media strategy that will target the Irish market, you may want to seek the help of a professional social media management company to help you grow your business.


The importance of social media marketing in the success of any online business can never be underestimated in this time and era. Many businesses are leveraging the power of social media platforms to reach and engage potential clients. Through social media, many companies have established large customer bases around the world and it has also proven to be an effective means of engaging local customers.